Two Lines of Defense to Keep You in Your Home.

Life can throw anyone a curve-ball. A good loan specialist understands that sometimes life presents us with situations that make it hard for even the most reliable clients to make a payment. In the event of financial trouble, my advice is to always let your loan specialist know quickly and candidly what is going on. You’re lender can help you set up a payment schedule that works for both of you until you can get back on track. Loan specialists want to keep you in your residence, and so does the Oregon VA. All VA loans come with the support of the VA Mortgage Delinquency Service. In the event of serious financial difficulty such as reduction in income or an illness in the family a technician from your Regional VA Loan Center will assist you with financial planning to avoid foreclosure. Our company has provided loans through the most troubling housing market and worked diligently to keep borrowers with a roof over their heads. Keeping clients in their homes is more than good business; it’s the backbone to this little slice of Oregon we all call home. If you’re in trouble right now, or have any questions about services provided by a VA loan please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Mathew Stewart

VA Loan Specialist
Rock River Financial


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