The First Step in a VA Loan

Whether you are just beginning to research VA Loans or have been investigating them for quite some time, your next step is most likely a phone call to a loan specialist. The wealth of information available today is overwhelming and it can be difficult for a first time home buyer to sift through what is pertinent to their unique situation. A VA loan specialist will help take the ambiguity out of the process and be able to advise you on the next step to obtaining prequalification & preapproval. In Oregon there are many companies offering VA loans, but few Oregon Loan Officers are specializing in this unique program. Be sure to work with an Oregon lender that knows the VA program well and has focused on servicing Oregon veterans.

Financing your home shouldn’t feel like an uphill battle. If you need a helping hand in determining your eligibility for a VA loan, or navigating any part of the process, feel free to give me a call or fill out our online application.


Mat Stewart

VA Loan Specialist
Rock River Financial


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