Don’t Fear The Appraisal


A VA appraisal is a mandatory step in the VA home loan process. After pre-approval of your VA loan, but before closing on your new home, a VA certified Appraiser will need to conduct a thorough investigation to make sure that the property meets VA standards. A VA appraisal is not a home inspection. Although I recommend that you have a home inspection performed, it is important to note that they are different entities. A VA appraiser is primarily concerned with the health and safety of the home. The VA guidelines that an appraiser uses are called the Mandatory Property Minimums. Examples would be: no lead based paint, no pests endangering the home (carpenter ants are becoming more prevalent in Portland), and proper roofing. Although that is by no means an exhaustive list, you can see how they are all important to the integrity of your new home and items that would need to be addressed. The VA wants to help get you into a house that is ‘move in ready’ and that isn’t going to create financial stress in the future. Don’t fear your VA appraisal, be ready by being well educated about the process and what it entails. If you have any questions about a VA appraisal, or any of the many other benefits afforded to you with a VA loan, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.


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