Welcome to the complete resource for VA home loans in the state of Oregon. Rock River Financial offers both federal and state veteran home loans. Whether you’re looking for rates, eligibility requirements, or have questions about how to refinance a VA loan – we’re here to help!


Locking in a low rate

Locking in a low rate Home prices and rates are rising.  In order to lock in a rate, you must first have an address or contract signed by the seller.  If you are interested in a particular home, act now and do not wait, as that house will probably be more expensive next year as well as at a higher rate than they are now. … Read More

VA Loans are assumable too!

VA Loans are assumable. Government loans such as USDA, VA, and FHA all are “assumable” loans.  If you have one of these types of loans on your home, a buyer can “assume” your Promissory Note and Rate if the new buyers qualify.  These assumptions will be a selling option that will make your home more attractive to buyers.  This will pay off if you plan… Read More

No Monthly Mortgage Insurance payments!

No Monthly Mortgage Insurance payments! Most Home mortgages require some sort of insurance (also known as PMI) added to you monthly payment if less than 20% placed as a down-payment on the loan.  This is for the Lender and the risk assessment.  VA is the exception and has No ‘monthly’ mortgage insurance with the benefit of 100% financing. This is a great benefit to many… Read More

Oregon Prices Increase

Oregon Prices Increase. Many Oregon Home buyers are out looking for their dream homes every year.  Home prices are up 12.2 percent from a year ago, according to the latest February reading from Core Logic. Investors, laden with cash, are buying fewer homes this spring, buyers are frustrated with higher prices and waiting…for what?  I guess they are waiting for more homes to be listed. … Read More

State VA vs. Federal VA home Loans

ORVET / ODVA vs the Federal VA Home Loan Do you know the difference between State VA and Federal VA home Loans?  There is a big difference.  State VA loans will require a minimum of 5% down with a higher rate than Federal VA home loans.  With Our Federal VA loans, you can buy with 100% financing – that is a NO DOWN Home Loan! … Read More

VA Loans Offer Option of Zero Down-payment

VA Loans Offer Option of Zero Down-payment Accumulating enough savings for a down payment, closing costs, moving costs and an extra cushion of emergency savings can be the most challenging aspect of buying a home.  VA loans provide a much needed funding stream for people who either can’t afford the usual down payment on a mortgage or for those people who want to use that… Read More

Veterans benefit from low rates and prices.

Trulia has released new data stating that owning a home may be a cheaper option in many metropolitan areas than renting this is great for Oregon Veterans using the VA loan to purchase.. According to the report, homeowners who stay in their homes for seven years will save approximately 38% when compared to those who rent. Jed Kolko, Trulia’s chief economist said, “even in these metros… Read More

New Data Shows Less Mortgage Debt Among Americans

According to the most recent report from Equifax National Consumer Credit Trends, the amount of outstanding balances on bank and retail-issued cards, and home finances jumped for the third month in a row. Home finances increased by $8.59 trillion; bank issued cards grew by $555.4%, and retail issued cards experienced a $62.2 billion jump. Equifax chief economist, Amy Crews Cutts said, “home purchase transactions, many… Read More

Is the ever popular VA home loan right for you?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan is designed to offer long-term financing, often with very favorable terms, to eligible veterans, surviving spouses (provided they do not remarry), and active duty members of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  Members of the Reserves and the Public Health Service may also be eligible. For nearly 70 years, the VA home loan… Read More

Who is Eligible and Numbers in Oregon

Who is Eligible and Numbers in Oregon If you served during wartime (as defined by the VA) for at least 90 consecutive days or during peacetime for at least 181 consecutive days, you are eligible for the VA Home Loan Program. If you are currently on active duty, you are eligible for the program after 90 days of active service. You are also eligible if… Read More