Welcome to the complete resource for VA home loans in the state of Oregon. Rock River Financial offers both federal and state veteran home loans. Whether you’re looking for rates, eligibility requirements, or have questions about how to refinance a VA loan – we’re here to help!


Benefits of a VA home loan

Are you wondering why you should choose a VA home loan?  VA home loans have some great benefits for our military men and women. NO down payment requirements NO mortgage insurance requirements Easy credit requirements All out of pocket expenses can be included in the loan so no money upfront Call and ask for Rachel to go over the details and get the qualification process… Read More

How much are you throwing away on rent?

Rent               5 years            10 years             15 years $1,000            $60,000           $120,000            $180,000 $1,200            $72,000           $144,000            $216,000 $1,400           … Read More

Refinance your Oregon home with a VA home loan

When it comes to VA home loans there are two types of refinancing options. Whether you’re already in a VA loan or want to transition into one, there’s an option for you. If you already have a VA home loan and want a better interest rate you would need to do a streamline refinance. With this type of refinance there are no required appraisal’s, no… Read More

Now is a great time to buy, here’s why……..

Reduced buyer competition this time of year. Sellers are more motivated. Real estate professionals have time available to focus on you.   The pre-qualification process is easy and quick, you could be shopping for a home next week. With a VA home loan, it’s easier than ever to qualify. You deserve a home of your own. Some of the benefits of home ownership include freedom, stability,… Read More

VA Home Loans

VA home loans are specifically for US military veterans and service members. This type of loan was established to make it easier for our deserving military men and women to become homeowners. A VA loan is made to be affordable with $0 money down and lower monthly payments. Veteran Affairs guarantees a portion of the loan allowing the lender to provide you with better loan… Read More

No Pre-Payment Penalty

As the economy rebounds the household income in Oregon is increasing allowing borrowers to take advantage the no fee prepayment aspect of every VA Loan. A VA Loan with no prepayment penalty offers borrowers the ability to pay off the remainder of their loan, pay more towards their loan each month, or refinance their home without fear of incurring prepayment penalties which can cost borrowers… Read More

Don’t Fear The Appraisal

  A VA appraisal is a mandatory step in the VA home loan process. After pre-approval of your VA loan, but before closing on your new home, a VA certified Appraiser will need to conduct a thorough investigation to make sure that the property meets VA standards. A VA appraisal is not a home inspection. Although I recommend that you have a home inspection performed,… Read More

Two Lines of Defense to Keep You in Your Home.

Life can throw anyone a curve-ball. A good loan specialist understands that sometimes life presents us with situations that make it hard for even the most reliable clients to make a payment. In the event of financial trouble, my advice is to always let your loan specialist know quickly and candidly what is going on. You’re lender can help you set up a payment schedule… Read More

The First Step in a VA Loan

Whether you are just beginning to research VA Loans or have been investigating them for quite some time, your next step is most likely a phone call to a loan specialist. The wealth of information available today is overwhelming and it can be difficult for a first time home buyer to sift through what is pertinent to their unique situation. A VA loan specialist will… Read More

How VA Loans are Possible

VA loans sometimes sound a little too good to be true. How do these mortgages offer a competitive rate with no down-payment? It boils down to how much of the loan the lender is guaranteed to be re-paid. With a Commercial or FHA mortgage the down-payment or private mortgage insurance acts as this guarantee. A VA loan is different because a large percentage of the… Read More